Free Sample: Virtual Market Analysis for Wholesalers

Each Report Includes:

The Best Neighborhoods for Driving for Dollars

View the percentage of 60+ homeowners.

The top 3 zip codes to get motivated sellers

And much, much more!

Download: Q4 2022 Market Analysis Report

Virtual Market Analysis

Gain a competitive edge over all other wholesalers in your market. There will be investors that thrive in the 2023 housing recession. Our virtual market analyses will help you not just survive, but thrive, in the upcoming year. Each quarterly report includes the following:

1. The Easiest Zip Codes to Get a Contract Today

2. Deep dive into the best neighborhood to Drive for Dollars with specific addresses to reference

3. The only zip codes that make sense to market to. Save valuable time and money

4. Affluent zip codes to avoid

5. Our 2023 and 3-month outlook for the market. Is it worth staying in long term?

And many, many actionable insights to get you deals for the least amount of effort. We tell you exactly where the motivated sellers are!

Bonus: A list of all non-LLC owners we analyzed in the neighborhood Deep Dive. All you have to do is skip-trace them. Roughly 200 sellers are included in each report

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What We're All About

Every successful real estate company has 3 main foundations. This is where most of your issues start and why many investors fail to get their businesses off the ground. We've seen countless investors spin their wheels for years - trying the same strategy but in a slightly different way with the same poor results (no leads, deals, or money). Our consultation company focuses on equipping you with a clear, proven roadmap to crush all three phases.


Seller lead generation is the first and most important step to get right. Immediately after you file your, LLC, you should start work on your analyzing your virtual market and choosing the best zips to pull your list


If you want to close more than 2 deals consistently a month, you need a team. You don't need 100 employees - just a handful of loyal Filipino virtual assistants that will run 89% of your business operations

Leadership Skills

This is rarely covered and I'm unsure why. It's imperative to learn how to run your business, which is much different than working in it. A CEO is more than a title, there are important tasks you need to do or else your company will struggle

Great Teams Close More Deals

Our team has built and managed several 7-figure wholesaling businesses, and the successful ones all had one thing in common: Every team member was an expert and specialist in their craft. Being able to identify and retain the best virtual assistants and in-house employees is the difference between you having the automated business you desire or you getting burnt out.

Learn How We Build Great Teams

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