Build-2-Scale Wholesaling Mentorship

Let's build an efficient, consistent, and sustainable wholesaling company centered around you.

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You Had A Dream, But Life Got In the Way...

We are passionate about helping investors navigate the numerous challenges when building a hands-off wholesaling business. You likely have bought several courses, watched dozens of videos on wholesaling, and even joined coaching programs. Yet, you still feel like something is missing and you are struggling to put it all together.

Unless you have a sales background or an MBA, you likely are lacking the critical skills needed to run a sustainable investment company.

These skills include knowing who to hire, how to hire, what you should be focusing on as a business owner, establishing company culture, and much, much more.

Here's where most investors go wrong: They confuse them knowing how to wholesale houses and knowing the ins and outs of walking a property with knowing how to run a business.

Unfortunately, most that enter this business won't wholesale a single deal. Even more alarming is that 87% of the people that wholesale one deal never wholesale another one ever again.

This is why we started our 12-Week Build 2 Scale Wholesaling Mentorship Program. It's a way for us to work alongside you in order to build a wholesaling company that generates leads and deals consistently.

Training Done For You

We train your lead manager for you. Yes, you heard that right. You will learn our where to source the best Filipino virtual assistants for your business and how to conduct the interviews. Once they're hired, your lead managers will undergo a one-week training with our team. Every week, they will have an hour of training with our certified English Accent coaches to improve their grammar.

Feel the Support

One of the biggest issues our team hears from new mentees is that they haven't felt supported in other programs. We place a significant emphasis on each student having access to our team when they need to get unstuck. For the first month, you have 3 weekly coaching calls - each held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In months 2 and 3, you will have a one-on-one call every other week with our DoC. We have weekly coaching calls on Tuesdays and we have an awesome community that is here with you along the journey.

Step-by-Step Roadmap

We've been where you're going. We show you our insanely efficient processes to get leads, train lead managers, and outsource the supervision to an operations manager. Think of our Build 2 Scale Framework as a Franchise model (e.g., Mcdonald's) that you can plug directly into your business. We teach you how to analyze a virtual market and choose the best one that'll generate the most motivated seller leads. Additionally, we show you what to look for in a virtual employee. We show you how to put together an effective cold-calling campaign that will generate multiple contractable leads within 30-45 days. Our coaching calls are important during this phase because we'll be here to help you address common issues when troubleshooting your cold-calling campaigns. Trust me! Issues will occur when your campaigns start; it's inevitable. Most importantly, we train you on how to be a business owner and leader of your team.

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We Believe That Building 6-Figure Wholesaling Companies Starts with Great Talent 

By week 12, you'll have a fully trained and competent lead manager. Remember that we're giving you the steps for you to hire your lead manager (we're not a placement company). Once they're hired, your lead manager will go through a one-week training before you have them start calling your leads. They receive multiple checks on learning during this week to ensure they comprehend their core daily tasks. After they know how to follow up with your seller, you can start training them on doing other admin tasks. We found that lead managers that go through our training are very capable of juggling both positions as long as they're doing fewer than 5 deals per month. By implementing our proven systems and training, you can maximize one virtual assistant while not burning them out. 

You'll get instant access to our training modules. We have over 30 videos (and counting) that walk you through this process step-by-step.

Your lead manager should be able to handle 80% of your business operations by the 3rd month of our training program.

Our proven training process ensures your team can run your business, your way, without you having to look over their shoulder.

You haven't felt true freedom until you're able to travel abroad without worrying about your business falling apart. Most investors can't, and will never be able to, do this because they're a high-paid employee in their business...not the boss!

Qualifications to Join + FAQs!

This program is designed for investors that have already done deals but need help with consistency.

We have scripts, workflows, KPI sheets, benchmarks to follow, and everything in between. What we need from you is motivation to put in the work. We are giving you the step-by-step process. At no point will you feel lost or unsupported in our program. We do require you to be proactive about attending and questions during the weekly training meetings. This is where you'll actively see our team train your team members. This is an invaluable experience and will provide clarification on the lead manager and operations managers' roles in your business.

Invest the time needed to learn our system. We meet 3 times per week for group coaching calls; we will also provide self-paced learning modules.

You need to budget $200 / week for your lead manager and $250 / week for your operations manager. Set aside around $500 - $1000 per week for marketing (cold calling and skip tracing). We may advise you to pause your marketing campaigns once you join if we see that you have a lot of wasted expenses.

If you currently have certain team members on staff, we'll do an audit before determining if we're going to keep them on board. We may advise you to hire new team members, which we assist with. If we determine a pre-existing hire is not a good fit for the position, we will request that you make a new hire before we begin their training. If an employee isn't a good fit then we don't want to spend time training them.

We just require flexibility and patience. Each business has its own set of unique challenges and we know how to identify and fix many of them. However, we require your cooperation and patience as doing things right the first time may take a bit longer. It's much better to move a bit slower to build things properly than to rush and build a sloppy business. Anything we suggest will have your company's best intention at heart.

Lastly, our program isn't advertised as a "get you deals" program. Everybody who qualifies should be fully capable of turning your leads into deals. While we do offer suggestions if you get stuck on structuring or disposing of your deals, our mentorship is primarily centered around showing you how to get repeatable results in your business. The goal of the program is to ensure that you don't have to lift a finger doing parts of the business you don't enjoy.

What does this look like?

Hiring kick-ass team members, 2-5 leads coming in daily, leads being followed up with automated, you not stressing about every single part of the business.