Hey, it's C.C. here! I want to show you step-by-step how we built our real estate company into a 7-figure business. By the end of the training, you will know how to run, manage, scale, and maintain a wholesaling business that generates consistently profitable results. Whether your goal is to do 2 deals a month or 20 deals a month, our specific blueprint can be applied to any wholesaling operation regardless of your goals. This is not your average wholesaling course. It is very actionable and we break down several deals we've closed so you can see what's possible with wholesaling. You will be prepared to handle any objects or situations that arise.

It took me years and lots of setbacks to learn the strategies I am teaching you. This training is all content and no fluff. If you are stuck with getting your first deal, scaling your team, moving deals, or on any aspect of wholesaling, this comprehensive training is for you.

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A Wholesaling Business In A Box


I have to be honest about one thing that has always irked me about wholesaling education and "gurus". It seems like they overwhelm you with information and rarely provide a step-by-step proven system you can follow to get deals. Oftentimes, I hear them say "well, every market is different. I can't tell you how to implement this. But I can equip you with information!" Great! You are still confused about how to get started, except now, you have more information to take into consideration. While every market is different, every successful wholesaling business has the same nuts and bolts.

This isn't rocket science; however, some educators make it seem like that. When we started wholesaling, we were broke. As a result, we couldn't afford the high-ticket coaching programs. We spoke to lots of experienced wholesalers and took note of the similarities they would all say. Words like "systems", "virtual assistants", and "KPIs" were common words and phrases thrown around, yet we still felt lost when attempting to apply their models in our business.

Here's the thing guys and gals: Us wholesalers are very independent and think we need to have a uniquely secret system, marketing list, or company structure to maintain an edge over our competitions. This is so wrong! Every successful wholesaling operation is essentially the same for the most part. Sure, you'll have some unique things you might do in your market to stand out from your competition. However, it really comes down to a handful of core components that determine whether you're going to succeed or not. This is why we developed this live training. We want to cut through the ambiguity and give you the exact steps to scale your wholesaling company from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

What We Cover in The Trainings 

Step 1

Wholesaling Post-COVID 

Since COVID, things have changed. We won't bore you with the basics of wholesaling. However, some of the strategies wholesalers did previously with success do not work now. We will show you what's working to get deals to close. We'll also discuss goals, company culture, and how to choose your initial zips to target. Once you go through this exercise, I'll review your zips to make sure you're focusing on the right areas.

Step 2

All About Acquisitions

This week, we'll discuss negotiating with sellers, following up with sellers, and addressing common rebuttals. Also, it is imperative to know how to identify a motivated lead from an unmotivated lead. We will put you in the hot seat and conduct "mock calls" so you can be prepared when sellers speak with you. This week's training is very interactive and will give you practical, hands-on experience before you enter the field. 

Step 3

Buyers and Transactions

You will learn the easiest way to locate legitimate buyers for your deals without spending a dime. Also, we will discuss how to handle common issues with sellers after the contract is signed. Sometimes, it's not smooth sailing. Most deals fall apart in this stage. We'll share case studies of deals we've done previously that fell apart and also deals that were on the verge of falling apart but we got to closing. 

Step 4

Sustaining and Scaling

Momentum is crucial in this industry. It is much easier to run your wholesaling operation after 6 months of consistent marketing and follow-ups than starting out cold. If you take your foot off of the gas then it is much more difficult to scale. This week, we'll discuss how to ensure your operation maintains consistency by hiring certain key members. Also, we will help analyze any of your deals you are working.

We Know Wholesaling Better Than Anybody Else.  

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